Mountain Bike Racing

Train to Race – Mountain Bike Racing Advice for Beginners

Mountain biking is an out of the box sports that requires the right balance of calculations, speed, and endurance to complete the given race tracks. The aim of mountain bike racing is to complete the course in as little time as possible, no matter what the conditions are. Sometimes it may seem like a smooth ride, and right in the next obstacle, it can turn into an impossible hurdle that the riders need to be prepared for. Here are some beginner tips for mountain bike racing.

Use quality lubricants

When you are planning to cover a muddy course, you need to lubricate your bike properly so it can run smoothly throughout the course without catching any dirt. You need a thick chain lubricant that can hold on in the most extreme conditions. The mud is going to stick to your bike no matter what. You can use cooking spray for your frame, pedals, and tires that will prevent more mud accumulation. It will keep the bike rolling in the long run.

Learn to use brakes

It may sound like a stupid thing to say, but learning to brake at the right moment is really important in keeping your balance when you are at high speeds in the racecourse. The weather conditions can also affect your brakes, and the brake pads may not be as responsive in muddy terrains as they are in sandy areas. It is always better to apply brakes early than to wait for a difficult situation.


Check your visibility measures

It is suggested that you wear a cycling cap under your helmet to shield your glasses during the rain. Use anti-fog products for your glasses, so you do not become blind when you are rolling down a steep misty hill.

Choosing the tires

You can choose from two options during tire selection for your course. You can use wider tires that can aggressively grab the terrain while rolling down. The problem may arise when the mud builds up between your tire if you have a narrow chain. It can slow you down and even bring you to a stop. Make sure that you have plenty of clearance, or use the skinnier tires. It can cut through the mud more easily and also provide good clearance between your chain and seat stays.

Wear the right gear

Mountain biking is an extreme sport. Most of the time, mountain biking involves wet terrains, and the weather is also cold. Be prepared for the extreme conditions with the right gear. Make sure that you have enough clothing to keep yourself warm while also not wearing too much to cause over-heating. Check if you feel warm when you have not warmed up yet. In such a case, you are wearing too much.

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